Make and send a real postcard!



Make and Send a Postcard

Postcards are printed on high quality photo paper, and will be sent to the address provided on the envelope. The full fee is $ 2.00. We send postcards worldwide.

Terms of use

The customer is obligated to use the service only for materials which do not violate intellectual property rights and are not abusive or obscene. The customer must precisely specify the address of the recipient. For delivering your cards in time, you need take in to account the terms of production and delivery. The customer will pay within a secure payment gateway. The checkout process starts in english language but later allow customer to select from any of 15 language options.

The overall cost is $2.00 per card. produces a postcard and sends it to the address provided on the envelope. Postcards are printed on high quality photo paper, and will be sent via Ukrainian State Postal Service within two business days. Your card will be delivered within 3-15 days to any point on the globe, depending on the abilities of the local Postal Service.

Orders with any order errors will be stopped and we will contact you via e-mail for correcting the order. If your postcard will be returned to us at (as in cases of invalid addresses, unavailable recipient, etc.), we will inform you via email.

Refund Policy:
All products are sold “as is”. Due to the nature of our business, we cannot offer a refund. The customer assumes full responsibility for the purchase.

Privacy Policy:

Any information about a client that is collected by will be fully confidential and used for this service only.

We do not take any responsibility for errors which are beyond our control, such as internet-based problems.

We can make alteration in these Terms, publishing them on this site.


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