Make and send a real postcard!

Product Description

Postcards are printed on high quality photo paper, and will be sent to the address provided on the envelope. The full fee is $ 2.00. We send postcards worldwide.

  • makes the postcard, puts it in an envelope with a postage stamp and send to the address provided. Orders are printed and shipped within 1-2 days and delivered within 3-15 days depending on the local post service.
  • gets the customer information that is provided voluntarily and includes contact details of the customer and the contact details of the recipient. All information provided is confidential, used only for the service, and under no circumstances shared with others.
  • All products are sold “as is”. Due to the nature of our business we do not offer refunds. We currently accept Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard) payments. SSL secure transaction.
  • Contacts: Leontovicha 6A Kyiv 01030 Ukraine
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